Dunedin's only internationally renowned sport and movement programme for children aged 2-9 years.

Do you want your child to develop a wide variety of sport skills
in a safe, supportive, and positive environment?

Playball is unique amongst sports programmes because of our approach to sports instruction. We use a game-based approach. Our research and development team has developed an exclusive curriculum of games that incorporate movement and sports skills for eight popular sports. A typical lesson involves a warm up, four or five different games focusing on specific skills and a fun game to end. The games included vary depending on the age-group but often cover catching, kicking, accurate use of hockey sticks and tennis rackets and various types of throws. Because we cover a variety of sport skills in each lesson, children get more exposure and practice with each different sport/skill than they would if simply focusing on one sport for 45 minutes. 

Each lesson is highly structured and because each game is fun and fast-paced children remain engaged throughout the lesson. Each class includes between 6 and 10 kids to ensure each child receives the attention they deserve, maximise participation and keep kids active for longer. 

Playball classes are age-specific. The focus for children under 5 is on developing movement skills as well as important cognitive skills like listening, paying attention, spatial awareness, and response inhibition. Children of this age are developing self-control and Playball assists with this by encouraging children to take turns, we have a variety of games where children must listen closely and only respond under certain conditions. 

Two year olds learn concepts like listening and taking instruction while practicing essential movement skills. At this age, children are still learning how to use their bodies and our classes focus in on this to solidify the connection between the brain and the body.

Three year olds continue to learn movement skills and basic sports skills like catching, throwing, hitting, kicking and using tennis rackets and hockey sticks. 

The four year old programme builds on the three year old programme and focuses more on technical detail of a range of sports skills and prepares the child for the school environment. 

Primary school kids focus on learning basic rules, game plans and techniques of each sport to prepare for a successful transition into the organised sport or sports of their choice.

Playball is more than just sports instruction. We take a holistic approach and believe that our classes promote physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. For example, children learn valuable skills in attention and concentration, develop confidence, form and solidify friendships.

Playball is typically offered as an extra-curricular activity, either before or after school or at lunch time. At childcare centres, Playball is offered at a time suitable to the centre. We also have two locations open to the public. Check out class times and locations for 2017.

At only $80 - $90 per term Playball is the smart choice.

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