Playball Dunedin After School CareTerms and Conditions



1.1.    Fees

1.1.1.  Fees are charged according to the bookings made.

1.1.2.  Payment of all fees associated with a child's care at Playball Dunedin is the responsibility of the enrolling parent, guardian or primary caregiver.

1.1.3.  The recovery of any outstanding fees may involve a collections agency with collection fees charged to the debtor.


1.2.    Absences or Cancellations

1.2.1.  Playball Dunedin must be notified of any absences AND must be informed as soon as possible of any absence.

1.2.2.  Full Session Fees will be charged for all absences for Permanent Bookings.

1.2.3.  Playball Dunedin requires 14 days’ notice in advance of a parent, guardian or primary caregiver’s intention to cancel a permanent care arrangement.

1.2.4.  If 14 days notice of cancellation is not given, full session fees will be charged for the following 14 days in lieu of notice.


1.3.    Invoicing

1.3.1.  Playball Dunedin sends invoices weekly and payment is due within 21 days of the invoice being issued.

1.3.2.  The Invoicing and Payment terms above (1) also apply to casual bookings.


1.4.    Payment

1.4.1.  Playball Dunedin’s preferred method of payment is automatic payments via internet banking are preferred.

1.4.2.   All payments should be made to:

Account Name:

Playball Dunedin (Westpac South Dunedin Branch)

Account Number:

03 1732 0427629 00


ASC [School Initials] [your child/ren First Initial and Surname]


Example Reference:

 ‘After School Care; Arthur Street School; Aaron Sample’ becomes:“ASC AS A Sample”


1.5.    Overdue Payments

1.5.1.  Overdue payments will incur a penalty fee

1.5.2.  The penalty fee will be $10.00 per week until payment is received in full

1.5.3.  The penalty fee will be added to late invoices after the invoice is 7 days overdue and for every 7 days following

1.5.4.  Care for children at Playball will be cancelled if fees remain outstanding after 4 weeks.

1.5.5.  The terms 1.5.1. To 1.5.4. will not apply if alternative arrangements have been made and accepted in writing by Playball Dunedin



2.1.    Signing in & Out

2.1.1.  Playball Dunedin requires that all children must be signed out of a programme by an approved person unless Playball is advised in writing that:

a)                 a child is to be collected by someone other than an approved person


b)                the parent, guardian or primary caregiver requires a child (no less than 10 years of age) to make their own way (unattended) to and from the programme

2.1.2.  Playball Dunedin is not responsible for children once signed out of programmes.


2.2.    Late Pick Ups

2.2.1.  A charge of $5 per 5 minutes applies if children are collected after the specified pick up time


2.3.    Adding or Removing Approved Pick Up person(s)

2.3.1.  A parent, guardian or primary caregiver can add or remove an approved person from a child’s approved pick up person list, by providing confirmation in writing of the change




3.1.    Communication

3.1.1.  All queries, requests or notifications regarding Playball Dunedin must be made directly to Playball Dunedin, and not to or via the school.

3.1.2.  Playball Dunedin after School Programme is run independently from the schools where it is run.


3.2.    Safety & Behaviour

3.2.1.  All children are expected to adhere to Playball Dunedin's safety and behaviour rules, and must follow staff member requests and instructions.

3.2.2.  Playball Dunedin accepts no liability for any property the child/ren bring with them to the programme which is lost or damaged while attending Playball Dunedin programmes.