We offer full time holiday programmes during the 

School holidays 

Check out the schedule's for Bayfield High School & Cromwell College below:

Bayfield Easter HP 13th - 24th April

Cromwell College HP 13th - 24th April

Our Full Holiday Programme runs from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday at Bayfield High School & Cromwell College. Ideal for parents seeking quality care for their children during the holidays.

Our focus is on developing sports skills through Playball classes and sports clinics in rugby, cricket, basketball, soccer and netball & hockey. We also include trip days and other fun activities that kids love. 

Our programme is ideal for children who love sport, being active and those who want to spend their time developing their sports skills while also having a lot of fun! 

This programme is suitable for children aged 5 to 13 years.  We now offer Senior (9yrs to 13yrs) and Junior Programmes (5yrs to 8yrs) at Bayfield High School & Cromwell College.


OSCAR subsidies are available through WINZ.

About the Programme

The programme varies each holiday at Bayfield HS & Cromwell College please click on the location to view the schedules of activities.

  Bayfield High School

Cromwell College

Our programme is highly structured. While we will encourage full participation in the scheduled activities, children will be able to choose to do an alternative activity and still be well supervised should they wish to do so. We've created a number of activity stations that will always be available to children. These include an arts & crafts area, a games area (including board games), books and toys. We also have a Playstation and movies available - however screen time will be limited.

The programme is delivered by mature, responsible adults who have previous experience working with children and/or are accomplished in sports. Our aim is to provide role models that children can look up to. We have a strong focus on providing a positive, nurturing, and supportive environment for kids where they feel safe, listened to and cared for. All staff are trained in behaviour management, activity planning and delivery, and health and safety. At least one staff member on site is trained in first aid.

Enrolments are flexible:   Enrol for a full week, a full day, for school hours or for only half a day.  You can combine any of these options to suit your needs.