After School Care Programme's at
Arthur Street School, St Joseph's Cathedral School & Maori Hill School
What we offer: 
  • A safe & supportive environment for your kids out of school
  • Trained & experienced staff passionate about working with children
  • Structured activities in Playball sport & movement games, arts & crafts, cooking & conventional sport as well as free play & relaxation with optional homework time
  • Healthy & nutritious snacks
  • Fun, Fun & more Fun

We are an OSCAR approved programme so WINZ subsidies available

Playball is an internationally renowned sport & movement programme offered in pre schools,  primary and intermediate schools.

We provide quality childcare in a safe & fun environment for children out of school. Our After School Care Programme will be focused around sport, cooking, arts & craft activities & Playball. As well as structured free play & relaxation time after a busy day at school. We also provide OSCAR approved Holiday Programme's at Bayfield High School and Dunedin North Intermediate.

Programme Information:
Our After School Care Programme's are focused around Playball sport & movement games, cooking, art & craft activities, convential sports & structured free play with relaxation time. We will set time aside for homework if parents wish for this to be completed before they are picked up.

All children at the programme's will be provided with afternoon tea at 3.15pm each day. Afternoon tea will include sandwiches, fresh fruit, water & cordial. Children still on the programme at 4.45pm will be offered additional snacks such as muesli bars, crackers, biscuits & fresh fruit to keep them energised & having fun.

Programme Cost:

Permanent Booking rates

Daily fee per child:

3pm-4pm (1 Hour) - $8

3pm-4:30pm (1 and 1/2 Hours) - $10

3pm-5pm (2 Hours) - $14

3pm-5:30pm (2 and 1/2 Hours) - $16

3pm-6pm (3 Hours)- $18

Casual Booking rates

Hourly Rate - $10 per hour or part thereof

WINZ subsidies available if you qualify through CYF with your income threshold. More info at

Enrolment Form

For Arthur Street and Maori Hill School students, please click This Link to enrol via aimy Plus. Those of you who have attended Holiday Programmes, will be familiar with aimy Plus. It makes it simple to book your After School Care and enter your child's medical details. On site, the coaches will have a tablet to record attendances on, and on which you will sign your child out when you collect them. You will be given the choice to pay for a full term in advance, or receive weekly invoices as now. And if you wish to apply for an OSCAR subsidy, all it takes is a simply click of a "button". 

St Joseph's parents, please use the form below. We intend to get you guys up and running on aimy Plus from Term 3 2019.

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Session times

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If your booking is changing or is needed TODAY, it is important to contact Coach Liam on 027 554 8859 before 12pm, so we can arrange staffing.

Are you applying for WINZ Subsidy?

If YES have you submitted your child care assistance Application to WINZ to cover these dates?

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Click Here for Playball Dunedin Terms & Conditions (T&Cs will open in a new window as a PDF document - if this does not happen they can be found on the navigation bar on the left).